By the Venerable Master of Platon Lodge: Frederikos Tsoumakis.

stoa platon kavala photografia1As the 32nd Venerable Master of Platon Lodge, a renowned Workshop of Philanthropic, Social and Spiritual Work since its foundation in 1924 until nowadays, I feel the urge to thank hundreds of excellent Freemasons that have contributed to the maximum for the survival of our Lodge for 87 years now.

I welcome you to our website! Here you may find Masonic news, articles, speeches, information about current events that active citizens may deem interesting. This website will also act as a public stand for the “seekers of truth” that through it may express themselves freely.

We, Freemasons, believe in God (regardless of specific dogmata) but we also "believe" in the human being and especially to the fellow human being. Our Principles: Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood and Justice, are revealed through Fraternal relations. This is attained through the promotion of close, constant and effective communication between us.

We humbly believe that our Brotherhood shall continue to work in Silence for the common good of the city, as it has done for 87 years now, honoring a tradition inherited from our Brothers of past times. Our quest for spiritual and moral improvement is constant and in Freemasonry is expressed through symbols and allegories completely free to interpretation in order to promote total absence of any prevailing dogma, opinion or perception.  

Our 87 years old workshop is complete of eager Brothers, which are coordinated with the contribution of all of us, for continuous spiritual research.

It is an orchard, where it always blooms new hope...

October 1st , 2011

Frederikos Tsoumakis