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After a decade of wars, national disasters and underdevelopment across the nation, the city of Kavala followed a difficult path in every field and in every aspect of life.

From the early 1960’s, the Tobacco Industry begun to shrink (for over ten years now, tobacco processing centers have stopped any activity) since technological progress led to the reduction of production of fine varieties of tobacco and the use of automatic machinery caused a dramatic decline in labor. Unemployment rates in Kavala and generally in Macedonia, has prompted a big part of the population to immigration, mostly to Germany and the citizens of Kavala, began to deal mostly with general trade, fishery, tourism, processing and industry.

For decades until 1990, the largest part of the population was occupied in the tertiary sector. With the fall of real-socialism, clothing industry all over Macedonia collapses because of low cost labor from our neighborhood countries which created significant unemployment rates.

It is worth pointing out that crude oil has been found in the island of Thassos where many Marble Processing Units also exist. The only operating Phosphoric Fertilizers Industry of Greece and several units of Marble Processing caused economic growth for the city. Fishery is highly developed, having one of the biggest fishing harbors in the Mediterranean. Not only supplies the city of Athens and many other major cities of Greece but also exports great quantities of fish products.

The main tourist destination of the regional unit of Kavala is the green island of Thassos where it attracts large number of tourists (foreign and domestic). Thassos Island has a significant wine, honey and oil production of excellent quality. Grapes production throughout the region of Kavala contributes to the local economy with massive exports every year across Europe. Due to an increased demand in commercial maritime transport, a new large modern port is built. Last but not least, an international airport operates for 25 years now.