Before the foundation of our Lodge in the regions of Central and Eastern Macedonia and Western Thrace, the home Lodge "Aristotle" in Serres founded in 1904 in Northern Greece.

"Philippos" Orient of Thessaloniki in 1907.

"Elpis" Orient of Drama in 1909.

"Tsimiskis" Orient of Alexandroupolis 1920.

During December 1921 anxious Masons of neighboring lodges and others derived from Greek Lodges Constantinoupolis, residents of Kavala, gathered and decided to found Masonic Lodge under the name Platon.

So the first core of the newly formed Lodge were the following late Brothers.

Plato and Aristotle

Solon · Petichakes : Director of Customs

Nikolaos Sgouros · ··Tobacco merchant

Antonios Sgouros · ·· Tobacco merchant

Theofanis Pantazis · ·  Merchant

John Markatzes - - -  Lawyer

John Termentzes · ·  Merchant

Gouido Modiano ···· Tobacco company employee

Abraham Bensousan · ·  Merchant

Mimos Manthos · · · · Employee

Xenophon  Antipas  : Pharmacist in Constantinoupolis

Anast. Apostolides : Manufacturer in Constantinoupolis

Alex. Valleras   : Tobacco merchant from Athens, and

George Trimeres -- Director of Corfu Business School.

They asked from Grand Orient of Greece (the original name of Grand Lodge of Greece) the documents approving the establishment of the Lodge under the name Platon.

The Grand Lodge of Greece - with protocol number 220/20-4-1922 - approved the principle foundation of a Lodge in the town of Kavala. With protocol number 174/27-4-1923 - the board approved the establishment of the Lodge under the name Platon No. 63.

The year 1924 the Lodge made the first initiations in the three grades were:

Anastasios · Apostolatos: Doctor of Kephalonia

Athanasios · Vanakos : Employee in Constantinoupolis

Eleftherios Georgiadis · · Employee in Constantinoupolis

John Konsoulides  : Doctor of Kavala

Pyrros Othonaios  : Insurer

Isaak Salem :  Tobacco merchant.


Τhe FIRST COUNCIL took place in 1924 and was consisted of the late Brothers :

Solon · Petichakes

George Trimeres ·

Antonios · Sgouros

John Markatzes

Nikolaos Sgouros ·

Abraham Bensousan

Gouido Modiano

Xenophon Antipas

Anastasios Apostolides

Manthos Mimos

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