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In Greece, the first regular Masonic Lodge was founded in Venetian Corfu in the year 1782, named "Beneficenza" (Charity), which belonged to the Grand Lodge of Verona, who resided in Padua, Italy. Meanwhile, Greek-speaking Lodges were founded, both in Greece and abroad, from the Greeks abroad, and in 1780 a similar organization to Freemasonry was founded in Vienna, called "Good cousins​​." This followed the tectonic types and had the aim of uniting all Christians, who were in the Balkan countries and fighting for their liberation from the Turks. In this organization belonged to the great Greek celebrator of Liberty and then national martyr Rigas Fereos.

Later in 1810, Dionysios Romas joined Lodges of Corfu "Charity" and "patriotism" in a common gallery, which from the year 1811 was the first Grand Lodge in Greek field titled "Serene Grand Orient of Greece, in 'Anatoli Corfu, 1811. " The first Greek Grand Lodge, not only cultivated the soil for the liberation of the unredeemed Hellenism, but with responsibility and initiative of Dionysius Romas, took decisions that have enormous beneficial impact on the success of the sacred race. For antiquity was recognized in the Grand Lodge of Greece, the corresponding hierarchical order among all the Canonical Grand Lodges.

In subsequent years has grown rapidly in the Greek Ionian Masonry, MULTIFUNCTIONAL not valuable was his contribution to the Greek War. History proves the Lodge 'Enosis' in Lefkada, because there was initiated Emmanuel Xanthos and there he envisioned the idea of ​​establishing the "Friendly Society" (aka Filiki Eteria), on a purely tectonic bases. Masons who led the Revolution of 1821 was, among other things, the Paleon Patron Germanos, the Ecumenical Patriarch and national martyr Gregory V, Theodoros Kolokotronis, Alexander Mavrokordatos, Alexander Ypsilanti, Nicholas Ypsilanti, Alexander Mourouzis Mr. Ioannis Kapodistrias and others.

On the initiative of the "Great East" which, with Grand Master Dionysios Romas, worked in Corfu and is offered in many pro-independence struggle of the Greeks, founded in 1811 in Moscow, the Masonic Lodge "Phoenix", with the cooperation Ioannis Kapodistrias and Alexander Mavrokordatou. Also founded the Lodge "Athena" in Paris, then the "Company of Filomouson" in Vienna and Athens, which worked Masons patriots, who later joined and "Friends."

The year 1813, again taking care of John Kapodistrias, was founded in Paris Masonic Center, called "Greek-speaking Hotel", where the tectonic combined work closely with the secret preparations for the liberation of Greece. There he was initiated Tsakalof Athanasius, who, after his return to Moscow, emyise later Nicholas Skoufa. That same year, and N. A. Tsakalof Skoufas, along with Emmanuel Xanthos, raised in Odessa, Russia, the foundations for a "secret society", as prescribed for the liberation of Greece from the Turks. In this way created on September 14, 1814 the "Friends", which were initiated numerous prominent Greek patriots - Masons and non - and who have actively contributed with material and moral means to achieve the Regeneration of the nation, while many European Masonic Lodges, offered money to achieve this holy objective.

In the essay on the history of the Society of Friends, John Philemon, says inter alia: "The perpetrators borrowed many rules of the Freemasonry Society and have applied themselves intelligently to the spirit and passion of the Nation."

In 1843 it stopped working the Big East (aka Megali Anatoli). But after twenty years, in 1863,  a regular Masonic Lodge named "Panhellenic" was established in Athens, with permission and under the auspices of the Great Orient of Italy. Then other Lodges were established like "Posidonia" in Piraeus, "Skoufas" in Chalkis "Archimedes" in Patra,  "Children of Leonidou" in Syros island, "Rigas Fereos" in Lamia, "Progress" in 'Argos etc.

The seven Lodges united in 1864 and requested from the Great Orient of Italy, an authorization to open an independent Great Orient of Greece, but the Great Orient of Italy refused, allowed not only the establishment of the Supreme Masonic steered in Athens, under the auspices of in which the brothers Dimitrios Mavrokordatos Minister Spilios Antonopoulos Minister and Professor Nicholas of Damascus University took lead of.

Finally, on April 10, 1867, at the request of the new Greek Masons, the Grand Orient of Italy, declared autonomous Greek Masonic Center, called "Grand Orient of Greece" and based in Athens, which the review of Masonic Constitution in the year 1936, was renamed "Grand Lodge of Greece."

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After the second world war and restoring peace, the Greek Freemasonry gradually regrouped and developed a high spiritual work. In this issue continues the Masonic Bulletin "Pythagoras", which was first released in 1882. This magazine includes articles tectonic and philosophical content, news from the Masonic Lodges and interesting news from foreign Grand Lodges. Available twice a year and distributed free only to members of the Grand Lodge of Greece. Simultaneously, from 1994, published annually in English and sent to all regular Grand Lodges of the world, with which the Grand Lodge of Greece maintains friendly relations.

Also organized · Open Events in the form of "roundtables" with selected speakers, and non-Masons, who are experts in general cultural, scientific and social interest. These events are held in the Masonic Hall Athens can watch the non-Masons, by invitation.


Greek Masons, under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of Greece, they develop a very old and valuable philanthropic activity, contributing so quietly in moral and cultural upliftment of society. Among the most important social tenders by Greek Masons during the war period, including the establishment and operation of night schools secondary school "members" and "Phoenix" and the establishment of Paidopoleos "the Mother of God." Also, primary and ambiguous participation is active and Masons in the establishment and operation of the "Greek Cancer Society" in 1958, the brilliant and nationwide thereafter known activity against the disease of cancer, and subsequently as the "Association SOS" to protect and care for sufferers of Autistic children.

Magnificent work of brilliant Masons, and George Alexander Tzazopoulou Katsafadou, there was the creation and operation of a special hostel called "House of Xenia and Patient Welfare" in Kato Kifissia, for cancer patients who came from the Greek province and lacked the means residence in Athens to receive special treatment in the two major cancer hospitals,'''Saint Savvas''and''Metaxa''. The Hospice has expanded over time to a new building complex, equipped, staffed with medical and nursing staff and acted as a single Cancer Hospital under the name "` Holy Anargyroi "until 1986. Since then joined the National Health System and served as General Prefectural Hospital Oncology K. Kifissia.

The Grand Lodge of Greece, through the Masonic Foundation of this charity, which is maintained thanks to financial assistance solely for its members, it continues to perform significant acts of charity.